The Application Process

All of our students come from the Mukuru Kwa Njenga Slums in Nairobi, Kenya. From August to December, our team conducts a series of school visits once a month where they introduce the grade 8 students to the program. In October, around the same time students take their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exam (KCPE), our team passes out the application materials so students can begin filling out the forms and gathering the necessary paperwork.

KCPE exam results are typically released in late November, and at this point, all candidates with over a 300/500 score are welcome to apply. Applications are due two days after the exam results are released. From there, our team reviews the application materials and determines which students to invite for the interview stage of the application process. A maximum of 30 students are interviewed by three different panelists. Angela Hashisoma, Director of Student Development, is always one of the interviewers. At the conclusion of the interview, each interviewer gives the student a score from 1-10 for each question which is ultimately collated with the other panelists to give a gross score for each applicant.

After the interviews are completed, all the information is again reviewed by our team and students are invited for the final round of the application process: home visits. In this stage, our team visits each student’s home to learn more about their backgrounds, financial situation, and families. At the conclusion of this stage, our final determinations are made.

Application Form

Please see below our initial application form for sponsorship. The due date for this application is 2 days after the KCPE exam results have been released. Late submissions will not be accepted. Applications can be submitted in hardcopy at the Kwa Njenga Primary School or can be emailed to Please remember that applications will only be considered submitted once all required documents are received.