The Fleischer Foundation started after Founder and Executive Director Stephen Fleischer volunteered with Our Lady of Nazareth (OLN), a primary school run by Marinists in the Mukuru Slum and met a bunch of bright students who were unable to continue their education due to a lack of funds. Stephen knew he wanted to do whatever he could to help his students stay in school, so he sponsored our very first student out of his own pocket. From there, Stephen started The Fleischer Foundation and it grew into the programs we have today.


All of our students still come from Our Lady of Nazareth primary school. From August to November, our team conducts a series of school visits once a month where they introduce Class 8 students to the program. In October, around the same time students take their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exam, our team passes out the application materials so students can beginning filling out the forms and gathering the necessary paperwork. To apply, students must submit the following documents:

  • Application Form;

  • Copy of exam Results from Term 1, Term 2, and Term 3 from Class 8;

  • A copy of their KCPE Results;

  • A letter/autobiography explaining in detail their family, family back ground, financial state, home location, and any other information they believe is pertinent;

  • A copy of their school leaving certificate (optional but recommended); and

  • A recommendation letter from a teach or administrator from OLN (optional but recommended).

KCPE exam results are typically released in early December. All applications are due in full two days after the exam results are released. From there, our team reviews the application materials and determines which students to invite to the Marinists House for the interview stage of the application process. A maximum of 30 students are interviewed by three different panelists. Angela, Director of Student Development, is always one of the interviewers. They ask the students five questions and each interviewer gives the student a score from 1-10 for every question.

After the interviews are completed, all the information is again reviewed by our team and students are accepted into the program. The number of students accepted each year varies and is determined by the amount of donations collected in the preceding months. In very rare circumstances, if a determination cannot be made on the information already collected, Stephen will conduct home visits where he will meet with the parents and gather the necessary information to either accept of deny the student.

Once a student is accepted, they agree to adhere to direction from The Fleischer Foundation Staff and to commit themselves to working hard in school. Students also are required to maintain at least a B- average for every term, with certain exceptions depending on the students’ circumstances and dedication to improving their grades. Once a student is accepted, they have access to all of our programs and services through the remainder of their education, including any university or vocational training they qualify for, and until they find a job.

Application Form
Please see below our initial application form for sponsorship. These forms may only be submitted after the Kenya Certificate for Primary Education Exam has been released in the months of November or December. Applications can be submitted in hardcopy at the Our Lady of Nazareth Primary School or can be emailed to Please remember that applications will only be considered submitted once all required documents are received.