Adan Isaack.JPG

Adan is the eldest of two. He is determined to work hard and become a teacher and to help his family. He is student at Dagoretti High School in Nairobi along with Imran - an older member of The Fleischer Foundation’s sponsorship program.


Dorcas Kemunto.JPG

Dorcas schools at the Statehouse Girls High School - one of the most famous schools in Kenya located and named after the Kenyan President’s office. She is part of her school’s Spelling Bee team as well as the Debate team. Dorcas dreams of owning her own business and making money so she can support her family.


Lewis Kea.JPG

Lewis Kea is a member of the Class of 2022 at Aquinas High School. He has two brothers and one sister. He enjoys reading storybooks and hopes to join university to study to become a pilot. He has never left the country before and as such, dreams of flying to countries within and even outside of Africa.


Ramla Suleman.JPG

Ramla joined Kinyui Girls High school in 2019. She has two brothers and one sister. She enjoys playing volleyball and reading novels. Her dream is to join university and to study Engineering. She speaks three languages: Somali, Kiswahili, and English.



Adrian enjoys swimming, making new friends, and drawing. He is currently a student at the Pumwani Secondary School. His dream is to further his education and become a doctor in Kenya. As a doctor, he wants to give back to the community by providing free medical services to people in the Mukuru slum where he grew up.



Halima is a student at Ngara Girls High School in Nairobi. She has five Brothers and two sisters. Halima speaks her native language which is Somali as well as also speaking fluent English and Kiswahili.


Rachel Joy.JPG

Rachael-Joy is a student at St. Monicah Chakol Girls High School. She loves cooking and good food and would like to be a Chef at one of the top hotels in Nairobi. She wants people from all over the globe to know how great Kenyan cuisine is.


Adan Alio.JPG

Adan Alio schools at Ofafa Jericho Secondary School in Nairobi. He has six sisters and one brother. He is an active soccer player and wants to learn how to skate. If he is unable to attain his dream of becoming a professional soccer player, he wants join the cabin crew at an international airline.