Nuria was the first student to be sponsored by The Fleischer Foundation back in 2014 as a 9th grader.  She is the oldest of seven children, all who were raised by a single mother who worked as a shopkeeper in the slum.  She is currently in 12th grade at Nile Road Secondary School for Girls in Nairobi, where her favorite subject is French.  Nuria’s dream job is to be an air hostess for Kenya Airways.



Kafia was sponsored by The Fleischer Foundation in 2016 as a 10th grader.  She was top of her class, however, she was forced to miss a substantial amount of class when she was unable to pay her school fees before she earned this scholarship.  Currently, Kafia is in 12th grade at St. Anne’s Girls’ Secondary School in Nairobi where she is still excelling in her classes and is a member of the handball team. She is interested in pursuing a career in journalism or nursing.



Fauziah received her sponsorship in January 2018 so she would be able to finish her last year of secondary school. Her goal is to finish school with good enough grades to continue on to university where she hopes to study wither journalism, medicine, accounting, or business administration. Outside of school, Fauziah is a member of the Red Cross Club, and enjoys reading and cooking.