Sponsorship Program

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In Kenya, the government is unable to fully subsidize high school and beyond.  Because many students are unable to afford the cost of school, some of the best and brightest students from the slums of Nairobi are forced to stop school at far too young of an age.  The Fleischer Foundation attempts to help fill this gap by running a sponsorship program for 8th grade students from the Mukuru Kwa Njenga Slum. We have teamed up with Kwa Njenga Primary, an elementary school in the Mukuru Slum, to take applications from their 8th graders who would not be able to attend high school without financial assistance.  Each year, students can apply for a full scholarship to the best high school they are qualified to attend. Since most Kenyan high schools are boarding schools, the awarded scholarships include meals and housing during the school terms. To fully sponsor the students, The Fleischer Foundation also provides all the school supplies and personal necessities each student requires to achieve success.  Through this sponsorship, we give these students the chance to continue their education, but more important than that, we give them the tools for a better life.